• Because your ski/snowboard instructor exam might be in French, German or Mandarin

  • Learn a new language and immerse yourself fully in the country you will spend your season in and the locals!

  • You can practice anywhere, any time and as much as you like. Everything is online!

  • The course is developed by ski instructors for ski instructors. We know what it takes.

  • We focus on the essential; what you need to know as a ski or snowboard instructor

  • There are audio and video files with all the words and sentences you need for your education and your season

  • Train at home and avoid extra costs on transportation, accommodation etc. that occur on regular sit-in courses


The team behind Snowlingo has worked more than 20 seasons in total in the ski and snowboard instructor environment. We know how important it is to get the best start on your experience as an instructor at the education, in front of your boss and, not the least, your guests.

Speaking the most essential German, French or Mandarin will give you a feeling that you are better prepared for the season and your boss will value that you are a more flexible workforce. We are always ready to help new instructors getting the best start and will do our best to help you!

  • Online E-learning with 10-12 modules that will teach you all the sentences and words you need as an instructor. All the sentences and words are in soundfiles so you can learn how to pronounce them correctly from the very beginning. 

  • When the course is completed, you will receive a certification that you can show to your ski school as a proof. 

  • Tests developed to show if you are ready for your ski/snowboard instructor exam or to monitor your progress. You can keep practicing more.

  • A glossary book for your phone, where you can find all sentences and words that you have learned during the course. 


This is where it gets really smart! The course is online, so you can access it at any time, anywhere, and as much as you like. There is literally no boundaries to your learning, only those that you define. 


The course starts whenever you want. There are modules, so a good way is to complete one module per week. If you are in a hurry, you can finish the course faster. It is all up to you.